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Chinese spring festival

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 < Chinese spring festival >

On 7th,Febuary , it is Chinese new year eve , millon and thousand of people gather in

the train station .


This gathering is not easy , every ticket is a story for a holder .

In spring festival , the most important thing for Chinere prople is buy ticket and go

home because of the jumbled market ,the ticket near the festival is hard to buy , .

Who is the most difficult one to buy ticket ?


The farmer worker , they can only buy from the trainstation window .because they can’t

able to buy online ,


They even queue up 12hour to buy their ticket , cold weather , waiting at hall .

This is Chinese farmer , who work hard , but still hard life , with kind hearted .


There are so many people in China , young people leave their hometown and work in

other cities , keep his mother , wife , son , etc stay at home ,

Usually , they only have one time to get together with family member---spring festival,

all is for money , all is for family life .


Let’s cheers for spring festival , cheers for thousand of family , cheers for the younger ,

forever love ---Spring festival !

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