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"China semiconductor Godfather" Zhang Rujing spent about 35 billion to LED

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In Taiwan is regarded as "miserable" LED industry, but in mainland China has become a popular fried chicken? In recent years, LED industry funds not only increasing input, and even join the talent level is getting higher and higher, called the "godfather of Chinese semiconductor," Zhang Rujing more hit about 35 billion yuan RMB ($180 billion new Taiwan dollars) heavily fought in the LED field, also represents the industry still have a chance.



LED industry this year, the industry began to take off only to think about the capacity of the thinking mode, starting from the patent layout to find a breakthrough point, look forward to working to cross the Chinese mainland. Join the war talents from all sides, more and more high level. And known as the godfather of China's semiconductor Zhang Rujing recently invited to Taiwan, to accept the financial and financial weekly interview, not the semiconductor industry, but the LED industry challenges and opportunities.





He disclosed that left SMIC semiconductor three years, investment including Shanghai Sheng Rui optoelectronics, Shanghai and the Shanghai Rong Ruixin photoelectric Ying Rui optoelectronics, four LED factory, covering in the middle and lower reaches of, at the beginning of the total amount of investment estimated 3.5 billion yuan (co nt $180 billion yuan), and note the amount of funds continues to rise ", compared to the semiconductor, he want to talk about LED.from the factory of the world transformation for the world market, it is second only to North America, Europe, and Japan of the world's top four lighting market, huge stage to attract many gun take refuge in troops, with Taiwan manufacturers descent MuLinSen general manager Lin Chi Lian, 2013 is of Cree's market area general manager Tang Guoqing, Samsung led China General Manager quit now zhangrujing team overweight cross foot led. It seems that the Taiwan mouth of the "miserable", in the mainland is a good.

Mainland LED plant this year, the action frequently, continue to cast a shock. GSR ventures to $33 billion price, mergers and acquisitions Lumileds more than 8 percent of the equity, and over 600 such patents, although be ridiculed the market play the child is a cart, decline the merger case is not in the minority. However, the strong desire to show the land plant and strong financial strength, has been seen.






















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