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CSP packaging technology is still flourishing fire again

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Update the market and technology continue alternation birth of a new packaging technology

and form, however, in the traditional package dominant situation, COB, EMC, CSP and other

technical outlook still not clear.


Based on improvement and innovation of traditional forms of packaging, COB, EMC technology

all show their skills, but did not constitute a real threat to packaging manufacturers, even in

terms of cost, luminous efficiency and other obvious advantages, the birth of the concept of

CSP technology is in particular to LED package industry has brought enormous changes.



In semiconductor technology has matured slowly penetrate into the LED industry today, with

simplified manufacturing process and the "free package" is increasing, packaging manufacturers

in the middle part of the future will go from here? For this package, "revolution" if unfounded



CSP packaging technology is still flourishing fire again


Relying COB, EMC technologies such as flip chip packaging manufacturers will tend to be more

developed in the market segment, according to their technical characteristics will gradually find

the right direction.


The future market will develop specialist, from the point of view of the optical CSP is more

suitable for downlights and not suitable for spotlights, EMC & PCT is more suitable for small

and medium-cost high-power products, ceramic package is suitable for small-sized high-power

products, etc., even then mature CSP technology, after all, can not keep shrinking in size, still

there will be a bottleneck, packaging manufacturers to survive the market is still very



- Jing Rui, deputy general manager Zhang Zhicong optoelectronic research and



Different packages have their own strengths, has been crossed, have their own characteristics

in packaging applications.


Package can not be "free", LED package will continue to be flourishing. High-end commercial

lighting, COB on the light color quality can be better than other packaging; applications in the

automotive lights, flip has begun to show their talents; and in the field of home lighting

fluorescent tube and bulb, etc., EMC may still be thriving.


- FOXGOLDEN Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of Shenzhen ALEXANDER



Packaging manufacturers still have a considerable advantage


Master advanced technology semiconductor chip manufacturers, such as Samsung, etc. Seoul

Semiconductor has been removed from the packaging process and material hopes to launch

more cost-effective chip products to satisfy the food broader market share.


CSP is the biggest advantage of the chip package made smaller and with a good optics, the

light source used to increase the flexibility of the space is greater potential for cost reduction,

and because it has a direct interface to remove the primary package (or substrate holder), in

the heat also has advantages.


CSP usually vertical flip chip or chip structure, the available drive higher current density, higher

luminous flux per unit area under.


Although the obvious advantages, but can 昭信光 electrical executive vice president Wu that,

compared to traditional packaging manufacturers out to explore the long-term accumulation of

technology and management ideas, CSP technology from theory to the real scale of production

still can not occupy a very short period of time sufficient advantage ,


Even CSP industry occupies a dominant position, there is still the traditional packaging

technology arena, some SMEs may gradually transition to downstream lighting applications,

technical packaging manufacturers can rely on funds manpower advantage closer to the

semiconductor industry, which includes companies in other industries do not have congenital

conditions and advantages.


Chip industry in recent years, gross margins continued to decline sharply, Wu can be admitted

this year, prices will continue to decline, but will gradually slow down, because some of the

base material has reached the limit.


Especially when using CSP package, BOM cost, the chip accounted for more than 8 percent in

cost for the first moment, CSP future price advantage is particularly interesting, upstream

enterprises become more competitive source for the downstream customer technical direction.


Large technology companies have first-mover pressure, and strive to dominate, so chip

manufacturers is bound to join forces in promoting the development of such technologies on

the groundbreaking revolutionary.


"Of course, its large-scale application or according to the post-market environment, supporting

the construction of a series of factors to consider, packaging manufacturers can use this time

to seek the space for their own survival and development."


No package in the true sense, "can never be!" Are any industrial chain, can not solve all the

problems of a manufacturing process, integration of industrial chain is feasible and most cost-

effective path selection, the market needs to verify instead of "certain concepts gimmick" final



- Deputy General Manager, R & D center director Dr. Li Cheng Star Power


CSP in the next one or two years, although growth will be faster, but will not necessarily

accounted for the major share of the market, after the power chip SMD product, COB, ceramic

power has matured and is widely accepted by the market, will continue to account for most of

the market.


According to statistics, the Power Chip SMD have occupied nearly half of the market in 2015

with the bulb and lamp replacement further penetrate the market, it will continue to be the

main package. After the power in replacement lamps, TV backlight scale scale production,

product efficiency, yield and throughput are very mature.


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