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Bank of China, Bank of China Limited is the full name of (Bank of China Limited,

referred to as BOC), Head Office (Head Office) is located on the 1st Fuxingmennei

Avenue Beijing, it is one of the five state-owned commercial banks. Bank of China's

business scope covers commercial banking, investment banking, insurance and

aircraft leasing group include BOC Hong Kong, BOC International, Bank of insurance

holding financial institutions worldwide to provide financial services to individual and

corporate customers. Bank of China as China's internationalization and diversification

highest bank in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and 37 countries to

provide comprehensive financial services. Mainly engaged in commercial banking,

including corporate banking, personal banking and financial markets business and

many other businesses. July 2013, the British "Banker" (The Banker) magazine

published 2013 "Global 1000 banks' rankings, ranked No. 9, is consistent with the

2012 rankings. In addition, the World Brand Lab in 2012, "China's 500 Most

Valuable Brands" ranking results, the Bank of China to the brand value of 88.516

billion yuan ranked No. 10, 2011, compared with a rise in the ranking, the highest

in the banking industry the first two.



November 12, 2014, Bank of China and the second largest German bank

Commerzbank AG signed an agreement, then you can provide customers direct

from Frankfurt RMB payment.



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