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American Daktronics photoelectric Welcome

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Daktronics (Daktronics) was founded in 1968, four decades has been committed to the LED

display of the development, in the field of high-end LED display firmly occupies the leading

position. The new survey data from market research firm show that the market share of Dakota

in the United States more than 80% market share of the global average of about 30% of its

products are mainly used in more entertainment, performing arts, sports venues, outdoor

advertising and other large areas.

  As the world's largest LED large screen display systems supplier, Daktronics product includes

a gymnasium in sports and advertising with digital LED display, large screen video player and a

control system. The company in 2001 after the installation of the first piece of digital display

quickly became the industry's top digital display manufacturer. Dakota has more than 150 cities

around the world are installed in more than 700 blocks of electronic display.


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