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After tens of thousands of lines per minute to tie the card, but the US media is not optimistic about Apple Pay【Recommended】

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According to Xiao Bian learned from foxgolden LED China Database,Yesterday your circle of

friends must have been Apple Pay brush screen. At 5:00 on February 18, Apple Pay officially

in China on the line, there are a lot of 6:00 to tie the user to complete the card and have to

go to McDonald's and other places children begin to experience. (See yesterday's article

titanium media "UnionPay" collusion "ApplePay into today's China, Qian Jing dim")


Apple's influence has always been the case. According to reports, Apple Pay on-line 5 pm

yesterday, binding per minute bank card, credit card number to reach 80,000.


After the on-line, many people will pay the treasure, and other micro-channel third-party

payment into its comparison, and the experience is clearly Apple Pay slightly better. Use of the

process, not in the wake of the phone, the user double click Home button will pop up the

default bank card, you can pay by fingerprint recognition, it was even called "second speed."


In this "Alipay wallet, as well as micro-channel pay Apple Pay" in the contest, although the

Internet has set off a wave of circle "Apple to win," the boom, but there are still people to

Apple poured cold water.


US "home": heat lasted only one year


Reuters Thursday, the author pointed out that Apple together with China UnionPay and 19

commercial banks today, official for the Chinese mainland market launched a mobile payment

service Apple Pay. However, Tencent and Alibaba Group's mobile payment service has been

gaining popularity in the Chinese market, Apple Pay is not easy to succeed.


In fact, the data also pointed out that in Apple's hometown - the United States, Apple Pay

situation is not optimistic.


Research firm Kantar survey shows that, as of April 2015, over 75% of the iPhone 6 and 6

Plus US users have never used this service. Survey also showed that only 42% of users use

Apple Pay to buy applications in the App Store, and pay within the application.


In December 2015, market research firm First Annapolis payment of 580 iPhone 6 users to

investigate. The survey found that although the percentage of users to understand Apple Pay

up to 84%, but only 20% of users used at least once a month, Apple Pay.


InfoScout market research firm tracking data also showed that from November 2014 to

November 2015, in the United States can use Apple Pay transactions, the proportion paid by

Apple but there was decline.


It is understood, Apple Pay Apple in October 2014 to launch mobile payment services, is based

on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, mobile payment function, the user as long as

the Apple App Wallet bind bank card, you can get offline and online payment service, but this

boom in the United States only just scrape a year.


Bloomberg believes, Apple Pay popularity in the United States blamed slow for three reasons:

Apple did not do large-scale marketing to popularize the concept of mobile payment, most

shops use the terminal does not support Apple Pay, and only with iPhone 6 and above Aircraft

are also limits one.


China market: more dependent on hardware promotion CUP


Only five countries worldwide currently support Apple Pay, the United States, Britain, Australia

and Canada as well as the on-line Chinese. Calculated according to revenue, Greater China is

currently the second largest market for Apple, the world's largest smartphone market. China


Internet Network Information Center data show that as of the end of 2015, more than 358

million Chinese Internet users use mobile phone shopping, the sum of the number of the US

population has been exceeded.


And Apple entering China also made insufficient efforts, according to foreign media reports,

Apple CEO Cook spent more than 16 months, to persuade China UnionPay agreed to

cooperate, but the two sides remain confidential sharing ratio.


In addition, the vice president of Apple Pay Jennifer Bailey (Jennifer Bailey), said in an

interview, Apple has a Chinese alliance of the 19 largest commercial bank as a partner. This

means that 80 percent of Chinese credit and debit card users can use Apple Pay service in

the acceptance of such bank cards about one third place.


Bailey said, "based on China UnionPay currently reach the market in China, China UnionPay

and our Apple Pay has a huge advantage. China UnionPay merchant acceptance network, far

more than any of the current merchant network, a mobile platform."


That is to say, the next line of Apple Pay promotion is largely dependent on the extent of the

upgrade CUP hardware. In Bloomberg popularity in the United States for Apple Pay reasons for

the slow analysis, the second point is precisely the terminal does not support the use of most



In addition, a retailer on condition of anonymity, said: "Local payment system is 100%

saturated, so the Chinese people no urgent desire to use Apple Pay now have to pay local

phone service to everyone, and therefore only when problems arise. Apple Pay is a necessary

solution. "



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