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2016, Chinese New Year, Happy Spring Festival!

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Thanks to the new and old customers the strong support, to thanks new and old customers,

in 2016 we will have a new marketing policy, more effective support for the new and old



2016, our FOXGOLDEN theme is: Let the world is not difficult to buy the LED screen! We will

focus on making new contributions to the environmental aspects of high-density, high-definition,

high brightness performance, low power consumption and so on! Thus, small dot pitch will be

the main direction of our company's product development and marketing, market research d

evelopment, such as: Outdoor P6, P5, P4, P3 and interior P5, P4, P3, P2.5, p.8 will be Our

focus on product research and development.


Of course, we will give maximum support to ensure the lowest price in the world or at home

and abroad. To ensure that both developed and developing countries, rich and poor, have the

opportunity to use FOXGOLDEN LED display to earn more money. Also we will give more

support  in a traditional outdoor screen P16, P10, P8 and Indoor SMD p10 、P7. 62、 P6 and

other traditional products, the price of greater efforts to support small and medium customers



In the past 2015, 2014, 2013 ,We has done a lot of large projects, including national

government projects, but look at the proportion of sales, 80% -90% of turnover thanks to

small SME customers, so our marketing policy orientation, is still based on the continued

support of SMEs as the main customers, without your support of small and medium sized

customers, there is no FOXGONDEN today, so FOXGOLDEN of today and tomorrow will be

even more effective support for small and medium customers, so we do not care Customer

minimum order, MOQ, prompt small to buy a module (full color, single color), of the screen

(single color), we will provide free technical support and a lifetime of technical advisers, the true

realization let the world is not difficult to buy the screen!


FOXGOLDEN, let the world buy screen without difficilty ! Who can ?  But FOXGOLDEN !



【Further Reading】


February 7th is Chinese Spring Festival~

Do you know how we celebrate the Festival, I promise you didnt know ~LOL

FOXGOLDEN will show you here~


Spring Festival, is the first lunar month, also known as the lunar year, commonly known as

"New Year." This is our most solemn folk, one of the most popular traditional festivals. Spring


Festival is a long history, which originated in the Shang period the year drew to a close and the

memorial activities.

The night before the New Year, The lunar December 30th, also known as New Year's Eve, also

known as reunion night, the whole family together in all boil stay up. Burning firecrackers,

resigned the old year, then the God of Wealth, Spring.



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